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Spring Puppies Coming!!
Due May 1, 2023

Queen Anne’s Lace XXII and Goldenrush Lad from Pearl Creek Goldens are having a litter! 

We are so excited for these puppies to arrive! They have been bred for incredible temperament and health, and are certainly guaranteed to be adorable!!

 We look forward to announcing their arrival, you can expect many pictures to come! 



Queen Anne's Lace XXII

Anne is one of the kindest, gentlest dogs I have ever met. She has an old soul that just speaks in the softest way. She has been genetically cleared and has very impressive champion bloodlines! Her pups will surely be extra special!



Goldenrush Lad

Goldrush Lad is an exceptional male, with stellar OFA ratings and clear genetics. He is a loyal and loving pet residing at Pearl Creek Goldens. He loves people of all ages and brings endless happiness to his family! He has been known to produce incredibly tempered, beautiful babies including our Opal!

If you want to be added to our list for future litters, please get in touch.

Upcoming litters: Available Pets
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